Since early childhood, Jamaican born author Stefhen Bryan was thought obsessed,  plagued by depression, suicidal ideation, learning problems and sex addiction.

Bryan, formely at The Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News, The Phoenix Gazette Republic, The San Francisco Chronicle and The San Jose Mercury News, began as a high school dropout both in his native Jamaica and the United States. After eight years of sheer perseverance and a near nervous breakdown, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UCLA at 30.

At 35, Bryan proved victorious over his depression and suicidal thoughts, but was still governed by sex addiction and compulsions, an extreme yellow preference which propelled him in April 2001 to liquidate all his belongings in California and relocate to Japan.

After seven years in Asia, Bryan returned to the United States cured of his sex addiction, self-actualized and ready for marriage. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, awaiting the completion of her studies in anticipation of a return to his much favored Japan.

Black Passenger Yellow Cabs:

In his candid and moving memoir, Black Passenger Yellow Cabs: Of Exile and Excess in Japan, Stefhen Bryan conveys an incredible journey from a childhood of third-world poverty to an adulthood of sexual addiction in the Land of the Rising Sun.  A self-acknowledged sex addict with a predilection for East and Southeast Asian women, Bryan moved to Japan in April 2001 for the sole purpose of indulging his addiction.

His riveting narrative is earning high praise for melding lyrical eroticism with insightful explorations into the societal and cultural mores of contemporary Japan.  Bryan includes detailed historical and statistical analysis of Japanese culture and customs, in addition to what one reviewer calls “sex research that would make Kinsey proud.”

But more than an account of ribald exploits, sexual addiction and compulsivity, Black Passenger Yellow Cabs delves into the psychological origins of Bryan’s addiction, his struggles with depression and suicidal ideations and his ultimate triumph over a compulsion that controlled his life for almost four decades.

Interracial relationships, promiscuity and patriarchy are among the many topics Bryan discusses with candor and humor.


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