Since early childhood, Jamaican-born writer Stefhen Bryan has been intrigued by East Asian culture.

Battling the depression, addiction, and learning difficulties of his formative years, Bryan forged his desired life through sheer persistence,earning his BA from UCLA at age 30 and following his compulsions to Japan shortly afterwards. In April 2001, the soon-to-be author liquidated his assets in California and packed up for relocation to Japan.

Stefhen Bryan's experiences and perspective on Japan have been continuously forming and morphing since that point. An outspoken advocate of the country, Bryan has nonetheless never refrained from calling out the Japanese government - and society in general - on controversial issues such as the gender divide, excessive work hours, and especially the sexual inhibitions and peculiarities that define the nation's relationships.  

Shrine in Japan

 Now touring and promoting 'Black Passenger Yellow Cabs' in the USA for a limited time, Bryan offers a unique perspective on a homogenus, conflicted society from the background of an experienced Western traveller.

Wherever he steps up to speak, the audience is simultaneously excited and shocked at hearing his specific brand of insight into Japan. As much as he enjoys delivering these insights, nothing will please the author more than to return to his adopted homeland in the latter half of 2011.

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Crediting the country and its fairer sex with curing him of lifelong sexual addiction, the writer's Western perspective on the country he calls home was poured - perhaps bled - onto the pages of his explicit ethnographic study, Black Passenger Yellow Cabs.

Stefhen Bryan - Breakfast.

Stefhen Bryan is available for public speaking engagements, interviews, book readings, and other assignments on the subject of Japan, its society, and the issues of sexual addiction and others that inspired his book.

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